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Your Occupation And How It Affects Finding A Cheap Auto Insurance Rate

Insurance companies have found a statistical relationship between your auto insurance risk and your occupation. According to’s 2006 Occupation Report; scientists, pilots/navigators and actors/performers/artists pay the lowest auto insurance rates of any of the occupations reported. Attorneys/lawyers/judges, executives and business owners, however, paid the highest auto insurance rates of all of the occupations reported.

Highest Auto Insurance Rates By Occupation

Attorneys/lawyers/judges, executives and business owners typically have more stressful jobs than the average worker. They also tend to spend more time on the road and more time on their cell phones, which comes at a higher risk for the insurer.

Lowest Auto Insurance Rates By Occupation

The group of scientists, pilots/navigators and actors/performers/artists are less risky to insure because their driving habits are a result of skills necessitated by their occupations. A good example would be the detail-oriented and meticulous nature inherent with scientists, resulting in safer driving and lower car insurance rates.

Additional occupations that also tend to garner lower insurance rates are engineers, mathematicians, teachers, or members of the military. Discounts differ from company to company, so be sure to shop around and find out who can offer you the lowest rates for your personal situation.

Common Characteristics Of Occupations With Low Auto Insurance Rates

Occupations that attract low car insurance rates have some or all of the following in common:

1) They are usually low stress occupations.

2) The safety of others is paramount in their training. Sometimes their driving records can even determine if they’ll be allowed to practice at all.

3) Their occupation often makes them use public transport systems.

4) A number of them are generally considered to be very meticulous. This is considered to affect their driving habits.

Common Characteristics Of Occupations With High Auto Insurance Rates

Occupations that tend to increase auto insurance rates have the following in common:

1) Their jobs are usually very stressful.

2) They often have to spend a great deal of time in their cars.

3) They tend to use their cell phones a lot more while driving than the average driver.

If you look at the different categories, it will become very obvious why certain occupations are considered a much higher auto insurance risk while others are not.

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Certain occupations that are considered low stress and employ people who have to be meticulous are generally going to receive lower auto insurance rates. Conversely, occupations that are stressful and require extensive driving time will generally require higher car insurance rates.

No matter what your occupation is be sure and compare auto insurance rate quotes from multiple auto insurance companies side by side.

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