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Your Car Model And How It Affects Finding A Cheap Auto Insurance Rate

Your car model may play a bigger role than you realize in your search for cheap auto insurance. There are so many things one has to think about when purchasing car insurance. You will need to know the type of coverage you want, who will be included on the policy, and also what type of vehicle or vehicles will be included in your automobile insurance policy. Sometimes it can be easy to forget just how much of a part your car model plays in the insurance company’s determination of your auto insurance rate.

It seems that the recent trend for many Americans is that they are becoming more and more obsessed with big or sporty cars. It is true that big cars are useful if you wish to feel more secure and safe when driving on the road. Naturally, a sports car is perfect for anyone that has a need for speed and of course any male or female that is just simply trying to look cool and up their sex appeal.

The truth is that minivans and four door cars are becoming less and less common on the road, however; the sales of hybrids have gone up due to increasing public awareness of environmental issues. It is important to know for anyone that is looking to purchase car insurance that the model and type of vehicle you purchase will either save you money or will cause you to have to pay higher premiums as a kind of quasi “luxury/size/sport” surcharge. What car insurance companies do, practically speaking, is try to gauge the risk that a driver might have while on the road.

Sports Cars And Finding Cheap Auto Insurance

With sports cars an insurance company is able to predict that the driver will be more likely stopped by the police and is more likely to get fines. Also, that usually people that own sport cars like driving fast, for this reason they are more likely to be involved in an automobile accident (speed=accidents). It is said that red sport cars are usually the vehicles that get pulled over the most and get the most fines.

SUV’s And Finding Cheap Auto Insurance

Another type of vehicle with high auto insurance rates would be SUV’s. Although they are a little bit more safe to the driver (one of the most important things to automobile insurance companies), repairs are more expensive, parts cost more and they are the type of car that is most likely to be stolen in any city.

Pickup Trucks And Finding Cheap Car Insurance

Pick-ups are in the middle of the pack when it comes to the yearly cost of car insurance. These types of cars used to be very unsafe in case of an accident, but nowadays they have become one of the safest types of vehicles out there. People that own pick-ups should expect to pay lower rates than sport vehicles and SUV’s, but higher than minivans and four door, compact cars.

Minivans/4 Door Vehicles And Finding Cheap Car Insurance

These last two categories (Minivans and Four door vehicles) should expect to pay the lowest rates of car insurance depending on their coverage. The reason for this is that they have nothing special about them and people don’t try to steal them. Another thing is that parts for these cars are easily found and very cheap (there are also many used parts available). Keep in mind that you can find luxury cars under the four door vehicle category, however; luxury vehicles have higher insurance rates because of the theft rate.

New Cars vs. Used Cars And Finding Cheap Auto Insurance

It is important to note that some people think that when they purchase a new car their automobile insurance rate should be lower due to the fact they everything is new and the car wont need any repairs. Unfortunately for those people, they are completely mistaken because new cars are more likely to be stolen than relatively old vehicles due to their high market value price. Old cars of any model should be less expensive to insure because you won’t need a full coverage automobile insurance plan. This means that you can just follow your state requirements of Personal Injury Protection and Bodily Injury liability and just get the minimum coverage if that is what you want. With a new vehicle of any model that is still being paid or is at lease, you will have to purchase the minimum coverage, plus collision and other addons that will protect both parties in case of an accident.

Check Car Insurance Rates BEFORE You Purchase Your Vehicle

It is very important to get a ballpark idea of how much auto insurance will cost for any vehicle that you are considering purchasing. If you have a few different car models in mind then a dramatic difference in car insurance prices between the two models may help you to make a decision. At the very least you should get a handle on the future car insurance rate that you will have to pay for your new vehicle so that you can budget accordingly.

Cheapest And Most Expensive Vehicles To Insure

Below you will find a list of the cheapest and most expensive cars to insure in the United States:

Most Expensive Cars To Insure:

1. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
2. Mercedes CL Class
3. Dodge SRT-4
4. Subaru Impreza WRX
5. Convertible Jaguar XK
6. Lexus IS-300
7. Honda S2000
8. Acura RSX
9. Nissan 350Z
10. Jaguar XJ

Keep in mind the type of vehicles in this list. Although there are no SUV’s in the top ten, the whole list is comprised of sport and luxury vehicles. Reasons for that might be that they have a high theft rate and that the collision repair would be very expensive in case of an accident.

Least Expensive Cars To Insure:

1. Saturn Ion
2. Saturn L300
3. Chevrolet Colorado
4. Chevrolet Aveo
5. Ford Escape XLS
6. Mazda 3
7. Dodge Caravan
8. Honda Accord DX
9. Hyundai Santa Fe
10. Toyota Corolla

As you can see, this list only has one pick-up (Chevrolet Colorado) and one small sized SUV (Ford Escape); the other eight cars are either minivans or four door sedans.

It is always important to know what your auto insurance rate will be when going out to purchase a vehicle. Check with your insurance company or online prior to making a purchase just to see in what range the car you will be buying can be found. Always remember however, that if you won’t be able to pay the insurance rate that a certain car will bring then do not buy the car!

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