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How To Find The Lowest Online Car Insurance Rates

There are many different ways to go about finding the lowest online car insurance rate. Nowadays you can get a quick online quote from almost any car insurance company. Price comparisons ensure that you are getting the best quote for your particular situation. In some instances you can be covered and receive your temporary proof […]

Speeding Tickets And How They Affect Finding A Cheap Auto Insurance Rate

What kind of an effect can getting a speeding ticket have on your car insurance rates? Is it still possible to find a cheap auto insurance rate even after getting a speeding ticket (or tickets)? Just imagine that it’s the perfect day outside, no clouds in the sky and the sun is out. All of […]

Your Car Model And How It Affects Finding A Cheap Auto Insurance Rate

Your car model may play a bigger role than you realize in your search for cheap auto insurance. There are so many things one has to think about when purchasing car insurance. You will need to know the type of coverage you want, who will be included on the policy, and also what type of […]

Your Occupation And How It Affects Finding A Cheap Auto Insurance Rate

Insurance companies have found a statistical relationship between your auto insurance risk and your occupation. According to’s 2006 Occupation Report; scientists, pilots/navigators and actors/performers/artists pay the lowest auto insurance rates of any of the occupations reported. Attorneys/lawyers/judges, executives and business owners, however, paid the highest auto insurance rates of all of the occupations reported. […]

Your Credit Score And How It Affects Finding A Cheap Auto Insurance Rate

Using credit scores to determine auto insurance rates is standard practice for most car insurance companies. While credit scores and auto insurance don’t seem to have a correlation, insurance companies have found that those individuals who have bad credit scores are more likely to file an auto insurance claim, while those who have a good […]

How To Get A Really Cheap Auto Insurance Quote

Is really cheap automobile insurance available in the United States? Many people don’t think so. It is understandable why more than half of the country’s population is simply satisfied by having auto insurance that meets their needs, no matter how expensive it is. The rise in the number of cars on the roads of the […]

Cheap Auto Insurance Company

With the plethora of auto insurance choices out there, it is important for you to make wise choices regarding your auto insurance policy. Because not every insurance company is right for you, looking at a wide variety of companies will help you in your decision making process and get you started finding cheap auto insurance! Allstate […]

Cheap Auto Insurance Basics: Tips, Terms, And Definitions

Car insurance is something everyone that is involved in driving has to pay in order to be covered for serious accidents or other related events. Although many states have different laws about automobile insurance, they all agree that it is necessary for EVERY citizen driving a motor vehicle to have an auto insurance policy with […]

What To Do After A Car Accident

Car accidents are becoming more and more common in America simply because automobile use has increased over the last 5-10 years. Society now sees having a car or some means of transportation as a need and because of this need statistics show that car accidents have increased substantially. Car Accident Statistics Even if you are […]

Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements

Auto insurance is regulated at the state level and such the auto insurance minimum coverage requirements differ from state to state. Although there are differences in the amount of coverage that each state requires, there is one thing is pretty much the same across the board: almost every state requires its drivers to have auto […]

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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